I attended my first Bikram Yoga class in May 2010. Like most people I struggled, sweated and felt dizzy yet after the final rest or ‘savasana’ of class, I felt the most peaceful I had in a very long time. I was hooked! I kept returning and it wasn’t long before Bikram Yoga Canberra became my second home, my sanctuary, the place where I discovered who I truly am. I am so grateful to my family, especially my husband and children for encouraging me to follow my passion and complete my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in LA in November 2012.

Bikram yoga makes me feel happy, focused and balanced. The practice continues to challenge and surprise me. I feel deeply honoured to teach and be a part of watching students transform their lives through yoga. I strongly believe that Bikram Yoga can help everybody regardless of their age, level of fitness and health. My favourite quote from Bikram is “It’s never too late, you’re never too old or too sick to practice yoga and start from scratch once again”. I look forward to seeing you in the hot room and I hope that, like me, BYC will become your second home!




I found Bikram Yoga (or it found me!) in 2006 back in my University days. I was stressed and unfit. First class was a blur - I struggled a lot, yet I couldn't explain how amazing I felt afterwards! From then on, Bikram Yoga has been the constant in my life that's keeping me healthy and well. 

I completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in November 2011 in Los Angeles. After graduation, I have taught in Canada, Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii and several other countries throughout Europe. Over the years, I have also trained with mentors like Amrei Marden, Esak Garcia, Ky Ha and Dev Kapil to learn more about the Ghosh 84 Advanced practice.

I have been managing BYC since 2014. I believe Bikram Yoga works and it changes people's lives for the better. I feel a strong calling to help carry on the authentic Bikram and Ghosh Lineage - a brilliant therapeutic practice that can benefit people from all walks of life.

I hope to meet you on your mat soon. Whether I am practicing next to you or being your instructor in class, I look forward to sharing this amazing yoga practice with you. You can find me on the BYC schedule teaching the Bikram Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Yoga Drills class. 



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I’m forever grateful I found Bikram Yoga. After a big personal journey both mentally and geographically - I dumped into a Bikram Yoga Class in Hot Yoga Aarhus, Denmark - where I’m from - without knowing what was about to happen. I walked out totally confused and did not think that was yoga at all! But what I did notice was a huge “Bliss” feeling - indescripable. I kept coming for more classes and the more I practiced the more I realized that I just found my passion. 

It was completely Divine Timing as I’d just taken a big pivot in my career and was ready for drastic change. 

Destiny wanted that Amrei Marden visited our studio just 2 months after my very first class. I was amazed and in ore. My Body-Mind connection had never been stronger and more vibrant. As I felt this so strong and Bikram Yoga is not big in Denmark, I wanted to help spread the love. Therefore I decided to sign up for Amrei and Dev’s Bikram Teacher Training. Since my TT in 2022 I’ve only been living of teaching Bikram Yoga. My purpose is to help and support people in healing and thriving both mentally and physically. 

I absolutely love my new path in teaching but also in developing myself and my new profession /passion. I’m fascinated by the human body & its anatomy and how it collaborates with the mind. 

You will find me on schedule for Bikram and Yoga Drills - looking forward to see you in the hot room. 

I believe that if we learn to master ourself, our surroundings will suddenly adjust. 

A kind reminder, “We are human beings - not human doings” :-)