FAQ's for Our Online Classes

Dear BYC yogis,

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, we had to temporarily close our studio and we have moved our classes online. It's so lovely to see many of you are warming up to our virtual classes. We are going to address some of the frequently asked questions below to help more of you get into your home practice with us online. But first of all, we would love to share some feedback & testimonials that we have received from our members recently:

What are people saying about our online classes?
  • "I really appreciate the convenience to practice from the comfort of my own home and still receive live guidance from our teacher" 
  • "Loving the online classes! Had a hot bath before class on Thursday and it got the sweat running" 
  • "The online class was good. Despite the lack of heat at my place, I thoroughly enjoyed Bikram yoga at a distance. Well done!"
  • "Practicing without heat is an adjustment, not as flexi but not as tiring either. Even after 2 classes I feel I am getting better at it. Very happy to be part of the online yoga community"
  • "It was good surprisingly, and I was sweating! It was strange in the beginning but after a while I forgot that I wasn't in the studio. It must be your voice and the dialogue!"
  • "Kids yoga today was brilliant! They loved it and I really loved watching them and having a brief break while they were fully occupied. Thank you so much!" 
Can I still practice without heat?
Yes! We want to assure you that it is still very beneficial to practice the Bikam postures without heat. We just need to pay more attention to how we move and be aware of our limits. Always go slow and be gentle. By practicing the sequence, you move the body, circulate the blood, massage the internal organs and improve all the systems of the body, especially the nervous system as the Bikram sequence emphasizes a lot on spinal movements. All the backbends, forward bends, and tractions of the spine leave you feeling refreshed and alive after class. Not to mention the inner calmness and mental clarity you receive after 90 min of me time.
How does it work? 
We use the Zoom Meeting to conduct live streaming classes. It allows you to have a home practice with live instructions and guidance from your teachers.  Ideally you will have access to the video function on your device. As much as possible, position yourself to show the full length of your body in camera so that the teacher on the other end can see your alignment and give corrections accordingly. 
How do I warm up for class?
Here are some suggestions you might consider:
  • Take a hot bath/shower, have a cup of warm tea before class
  • Use a space heater/humidifier if you have one
  • Wear long pants/leggins, long sleeves/thermals
  • Do some gentle stretching before class
How do I join these online classes?
For current members/pass holders
Simply write us an email and we will forward you class access details.
For non-members
You can join us casually with our special $10 online casual class pass. Buy HERE  and book your spot via email. Zoom access and details will be sent upon registration. For class times, please visit our website
What are the class times?
You can find our most up to date class times on our website. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. At the moment, we are reviewing the class times week by week. 
Do you offer online Kids Yoga?
Yes, we are thrilled that BYC is now offering online Kids Yoga classes for 6-12 year olds. What better thing to do with your little ones during this time :-) For now, class time is set to be 4-5pm on Wednesdays. Schedule is subject to change and it can be viewed on our website. $10 per child per class. If you're interested, please send us an email, we will forward more details. 
Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have further questions or need help set up for these online classes. We are here for you. Wishing you all safe and well during this time. Look forward to seeing you online soon ;-) 
Kind regards
Tracy & Gill